Welcome to Ariana Authentic Afghan Cuisine!

Thank you for joining us at Ariana.  We hope that by visiting our restaurant you will experience some of our Afghani culture, a culture rich in delicious, flavorful foods.  Ariana is a term used to describe the nation that once existed in the geographical location of present day Afghanistan and parts of Iran and India.  The word “Ariana,” translates in English to “excellent,” and we hope that it will also describe your dining experience with us.


Ariana is all about freshness and quality.  We look for the finest ingredients local and abroad in order to serve you an authentic Afghani meal.  All our meat is halal and hormone and antibiotic free.  We believe that you will taste the difference in the quality of our meat.  We make our own dressings and sauces in-house, and everything from our desserts to our specialty rice dishes are made fresh and served daily.  Every dish is made to order and because of this, we will do our best to meet your dietary needs. 

Ariana is a family owned and operated business.  The meals we prepare for you are cooked using family recipes that have been handed down through the generations.  Preparing food that families can sit down and enjoy together is an important aspect of our culture. At Ariana, we want our guests to experience what we eat at home. We hope that by eating at Ariana, you have the feeling of joining our family for a traditional meal.  We are proud to serve you Afghani food and hope that you taste something that brings you back